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Author Topic: Game keeps going non-responding after 5-10 minutes everytime.  (Read 2002 times)


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I have not been able to properly run this at all, till now it hasn't run for more than 10 minutes, literally. No startup issues though.

So I bought this game during the steam sale and installed it a few days ago. However I have been having the following peculiar problem and I wonder if you anybody here could help with it:

>At various instances the game goes "Non Responding" and has to be closed. Its not always at the same instant, for example, sometimes it goes non responding when I just start it, so I have to just leave it. After restarting the computer one or two times, the game opens up fine but the same issue is encountered at some other point, for example, one time it went non responding when I would add a star in an empty simulation then try to add any object in its orbit; just as I would put any object in, non-responding. There seems to be no exact solution to this problem excpet for restarting the game several times or the computer, and EVEN IN THAT CASE, I almost always discover some other function is now triggering the game going non-responding.

>I have tried the following SOLUTIONS, and this maybe of interest: I verified the game cache and it showed that 1 file failed to validate and was reacquired, however the problem persisted, I verfied again and the same result: 1 file failed to validate. I tried the verification several times in a row and the same result each time and the size of the file that is reacquired is always 544 KB. Repaired VC, reinstalled .NET4, Steam client is up-to-date, tried restarting the game, steam and the computer several time to no avail.

I tried deleting the local game content and re-installing the game but the issues described in the above 2 pars persist.

I really like this simulation and am very much interested in astronomy, I would really like to get this to work all, thanks for taking time to read this, any help will be much appreciated :)
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Re: Game keeps going non-responding after 5-10 minutes everytime.
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Try reinstalling DirectX.

Also look in the logs for it, and also for the game itself. It might have something useful to fix this.