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straightified some borders and shuffled names around
Yeah it is amazing :) I probably should check out a nova as well. In US2 the blue jets of matter look cool. If I captured that, what would it look like...? I can't wait to find out! :D
Cool! I should try that.
Lmao yeah. Tho, how about throwing galaxies with the Anti-Spirals? :D

Yeah, they were throwing entire galaxies the size of the largest structures in our universe, like nothing!
Wooooaaaaaaaaaah! Amazing!
Lmao yeah. Tho, how about throwing galaxies with the Anti-Spirals? :D
Also, here's a pic with a different config, with nothing but red dwarf stars. You can see the curvature and the distorted light. Dunno why it looks so "box like" but it may have something to do with the different orbits and slightly different sizes? Or I broke the simulator. But nevertheless, it's cool.
The purple spectral lines are due to both M-class and O-B class giant stars orbiting, mixing the light. In the 2nd photo u see the supernova happening, and then the last pic is after the entire system was destroyed, creating a superluminous explosion. That was very cool.... Ofc, the bright blue light wasn't eternal and it dimmed over time, but even then it was still an order of magnitude (or 2) brighter than the pre-supernova system....
Yeah sure, I'll pm it to ya when I have the time. Been busy with my work too so the progress has slowed down a bit, but I'll get new simulation results for you shortly. I have to refine the black hole imaging process, it's not complete yet, but the initial results look cool. Also, it seems that taking pics of planets just sucks. I couldn't even get a pic of a planet 6 AUs away, even after enhancing the image. Also, either the planet does very little to affect the light from a star, or I can't align stuff properly, but I can't see even a slightest change in the light or the spectrum when I place a planet in front of a star, even from a distance of 1 ly.... I should probably start analyzing the light pixel by pixel, but that's just a pain in the ass to do....

But here's initial results from the black hole inside a black hole forming supernova....
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