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Everything Else / Re: Cities Skylines
« Last post by atomic7732 on Today at 01:22:34 AM »
wtf is that
Everything Else / Re: Cities Skylines
« Last post by vh on Today at 01:09:47 AM »
exhibit A: a single street in my city is responsible for half the light pollution
exhibit B: how a more normal commercial street looks -- certainly not as bright as A
Everything Else / Re: Universalis Basketball Association (UBA)
« Last post by atomic7732 on Today at 12:37:22 AM »
awww yih
Everything Else / Re: Universalis Basketball Association (UBA)
« Last post by TheMooCows on Yesterday at 09:35:39 PM »
Everything Else / Re: Universalis Basketball Association (UBA)
« Last post by TheMooCows on Yesterday at 09:34:37 PM »

Everything Else / Re: Getting, Receiving, and Transmitting AIDS
« Last post by Darvince on Yesterday at 08:12:20 PM »
The Knowing Ones, or Chapter VII
♪♫ Ho-o-oly, ho-o-oly, ho-o-oly is the Lord Gond Almighty. ♫♪ The Gonds have gathered here today for a purpose, but the purpose is unknown. It cannot be discovered by mortal nor immortal means, which means we have to make use of transfinite mathematics in order to discover it. Well, it looks like I've discovered something way out in the reaches of non-space. There is someone. They are looking at me with extremely intense eyes. An arm pierces out of the darkness, reaching for me, but failing to reach me. It pulls itself back in and the eyes disappear. They are replaced with nothing, but I see nothing and feel nothing and so nothing is here to bother me.

I am bothered by the lack of things, aren't you, Christopher? Why indeed I am, says Christopher, numb to the existence of reality. I pull him out of the side of the tunnel we are in, exiting and entering the realm of finite numbers. There are infinite numbers here, because this is the land of finite numbers.

Christopher says, "Doesn't that not make sense? There's something infinite here, even though what is infinite here can only be reached, and not seen or felt."

I nod, agreeing with him. But I explain, "Nothing here makes sense if you think about it too much, but if you think about it just the right amount it makes so much sense you can be knocked on your feet by all the sense that you have found in this realm."

He gains an appearance, rather than a continued "mere" abstract quality. His appearance is that of pixels on a screen interpreted through the lens of a literate language processing mind, in fact, the one that is reading or writing this. God appears again, saying, "Come join us in the realm of the inf-" but he is cut off as he vanishes because he was never there to begin with. Or was he? Perhaps it was a hallucination, perhaps all of this is a hallucination, and perhaps even you yourself are a hallucination. Perhaps we are simply the hallucinations of fentanyl, the premier opioid of choice. Please choose me.

Try it, I say. They all deny. All five thousand of them. Them and their silly loaves and fish. What a terrible meal that is. Who would even want such a bland thing? Not I, I say, listening to Grimm's Fairy Tales. In this land I have the combination of many different ways of thinking about it, such as the way that leads you astray and you get a fluffy cat from it! I chose that way, and got 12 strays. Australian strays cannot find the way out of the maze, because the maze isn't designed for them. It is designed for me, I assert. This assertion is quickly proven to be amazing as I navigate at a more rapid pace than 90% of people, before forgetting the maze exists again. Did it ever exist, I wonder? No, it didn't. It must have been a hallucination. This is the final moment before the end. Have you heard that before? I bet you have, especially if you are hearing this out loud rather than reading this as text. Once the end passes, what next? I don't think anything will happen next, but we are all always already convinced that it is about to come. But really, this is a misdirection from our own ends, which we may be denying yet simultaneously overhyping the consequences of it. Once we get older and wiser, closer to the time of our ends, we stop overhyping our own ends and give it direction towards ourselves. But with age does not come wisdom, with age comes bodily degradation and if an already sharp mind has harvested oh no did I get too serious there? Sorry guys. I'll try easier next time to simply make nonsense after nonsense and eat Krishna's cabbage in my vegetable basement house.
Universe Sandbox | Discussion / Alpha 21
« Last post by Stuart on Yesterday at 07:22:48 PM »
When will alpha 21 be released? Why is it taking so long? I can't wait to try alpha 21.
Everything Else / Re: Cities Skylines
« Last post by vh on Yesterday at 02:08:14 AM »
note: left = north, right = south

alright so i finally bought the game and my first city is a huge mess:

1. half my city is in danger of flooding and i had to raise the terrain into an earthen dam because i was producing so much sewage

2. all my powerplants are safeguarded from said flooding by me building a 10 meter tall canal wall around them

3. it took me a really long time to realize the north half of my city was completely disconnected from the south half of the city. then it took me a bit longer to figure out how to build elevated crossings. of course since there's only 4 lanes connecting two halves of the city, it immediately became super congested

4. built bus stations, lost a lot of money. built taxi stands, lost even more money. then i built a metro system with 3 stops which goes between the north and south parts of the city. it's ridiculously popular and manages to break even.

5. giving my health department a higher budget meant my cemetarys could handle 10 deaths at a time instead of just 3. that helped a lot

6. the north half of my city is dense and high-tech. the south half -- the original half, is pretty shitty if i do say so myself. actually i'm pretty sure half of the businesses in south-city shut down after i built office buildings and educated everyone

7. there is literally like 8 elementary schools right next to each other in north city

8. somehow managed to dry up two entire rivers while trying to pump enough water into my city
Everything Else / Re: Universalis Basketball Association (UBA)
« Last post by FiahOwl on June 21, 2018, 10:22:21 PM »
where's The Dimension Slaughterer
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