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Universe Sandbox Alpha | Discussion / Re: Implosions
« Last post by electricpants on Today at 06:17:50 PM »
ummmm... detail?

Maybe like a supernova, where the star's outer layer collapses inward and bounces back outwards?
Universe Sandbox Alpha | Discussion / Re: Implosions
« Last post by Lord DC on Today at 06:16:26 PM »
ummmm... detail?
Universe Sandbox Alpha | Discussion / Implosions
« Last post by Enderboy144 on Today at 06:15:47 PM »
I think they should add implosions
Everything Else / Re: memaster
« Last post by FiahOwl on Today at 06:00:51 PM »
Universe Sandbox Alpha | Discussion / Adding Eyeball Earths
« Last post by electricpants on Today at 04:42:46 PM »
I really would like if eyeball earths were added.
I just really think they look cool.

I mean, just imagine it...

Possibly a smaller planet with a thin atmosphere and has a desert on the warm side and if you added water, a cold, icy side and an earth-like twilight zone...

If this can't be modeled in-game, just ignore this. :)
Everything Else / Re: Blacraft
« Last post by FiahOwl on Today at 03:30:55 PM »
seize the means of lag production
Everything Else / Re: Blacraft
« Last post by Bla on Today at 03:28:39 PM »
In other news today, the government of Blacraft has nationaluzed RBS. Find out more on Blacraft at 20
Welcome, TRAPPIST-1 system! NASA announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the ultra-cool dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1.

Check out the new simulation of the TRAPPIST-1 system:
Home > Open > Core tab > TRAPPIST-1

View our full announcement on Steam.
Everything Else / Re: DECODE THIS
« Last post by Darvince on Today at 01:20:02 PM »
Four hundred and eighty-nine duononagintillion, three hundred and twenty unnonagintillion, five hundred and seventy-eight nonagintillion, three hundred and twenty-nine novemoctogintillion, seven hundred and fifty-four octooctogintillion, eight hundred and thirty-two septoctogintillion, eight hundred and forty-nine sexoctogintillion, three hundred and twenty-one quinoctogintillion, five hundred and eighty quattuoroctogintillion, seven hundred and fifty-eight treoctogintillion, fifty-four duooctogintillion, three hundred and twenty unoctogintillion, seven hundred and fifty-four octogintillion, eight hundred and nineteen novemseptuagintillion, eighty-nine octoseptuagintillion, four hundred and thirty-eight septseptuagintillion, one hundred and fifty-eight sexseptuagintillion, four hundred and thirty-two quinseptuagintillion, five hundred and seventy-four quattuorseptuagintillion, three hundred and twenty-five treseptuagintillion, four hundred and thirty-eight duoseptuagintillion, seven hundred and forty-three unseptuagintillion, nine hundred and eighty-five septuagintillion, seven hundred and forty-three novemsexagintillion, two hundred and five octosexagintillion, four hundred and eighty-one septsexagintillion, five hundred and forty-seven sexsexagintillion, three hundred and twenty-five quinsexagintillion, four hundred and eighty-three quattuorsexagintillion, two hundred and ninety-five tresexagintillion, seven hundred and forty-three duosexagintillion, two hundred and ninety-five unsexagintillion, eight hundred and ninety-four sexagintillion, one hundred and eighty-five novemquinquagintillion, nine hundred and forty-three octoquinquagintillion, two hundred and seventy-five septenquinquagintillion, nine hundred and twenty-three sexquinquagintillion, fifty-eight quinquinquagintillion, four hundred and ninety-three quattuorquinquagintillion, two hundred and fifty-nine trequinquagintillion, four hundred and twenty-three duoquinquagintillion, eighty-five unquinquagintillion, nine hundred and forty-two quinquagintillion, eight hundred and fifty-nine novemquadragintillion, four hundred and ten octoquadragintillion, five hundred and seventy-two septenquadragintillion, seven hundred and sixty-five sexquadragintillion, eight hundred and forty-nine quinquadragintillion, eighty-six quattuorquadragintillion, nine hundred and three trequadragintillion, seven hundred and sixty-eight duoquadragintillion, fifty-nine unquadragintillion, one hundred and eighty-five quadragintillion, nine hundred and forty-two novemtrigintillion, three hundred and eighty-five octotrigintillion, nine hundred and forty-three septentrigintillion, two hundred and eighty-five sextrigintillion, nine hundred and forty-two quintrigintillion, three hundred and seven quattuortrigintillion, six hundred and fifty-two tretrigintillion, eight hundred and ninety-four duotrigintillion, five hundred and three untrigintillion, two hundred and seventy-nine trigintillion, two hundred and eight novemvigintillion, five hundred and forty-nine octovigintillion, three hundred and twenty-four septenvigintillion, two hundred and thirty-nine sexvigintillion, five hundred and eighty-four quinvigintillion, three hundred and twenty-seven quattuorvigintillion, eight hundred and forty-nine trevigintillion, three hundred and twenty-seven duovigintillion, six hundred and eighty-two unvigintillion, nine hundred and fifty-nine vigintillion, four hundred and thirty-two novemdecillion, five hundred and seventy-four octodecillion, eight hundred and twenty-three septendecillion, four hundred and thirty-two sexdecillion, nine hundred and seventy-eight quindecillion, two hundred and ninety quattuordecillion, eight hundred and ninety-two tredecillion, seven hundred and fifty-eight duodecillion, four hundred and ninety-two undecillion, three hundred and seventy-five decillion, four hundred and twenty-nine nonillion, eighty-five octillion, four hundred and ninety-three septillion, two hundred and seventy-six sextillion, eight hundred and fifty-nine quintillion, four hundred and thirty quadrillion, six hundred and seventy-four trillion, three hundred and sixty-eight billion, nine hundred and six million, seven hundred and eighty-nine thousand and eighty-five.
no the sun would have to be massive enough to go supernova to produce a grb

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