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Sorry. I didn't get a chance to look at it for more than a couple seconds before, I see now you're right, nothing happened.

It could easily just be a matter of the sheer scale of space. I usually run simulations overnight and don't get immense progress sometimes, and that's with using a really small system and using 100% real, gravitationally attracting bodies. I'm not sure of the scale of your system in the video, but I can't see the gas giant, so the wait for results will probably be more like several days rather than several hours. This is precisely the reason I'm getting a new computer when my laptop is at least decent on its own; so I can run simulations for a really long time and not be annoyed by not being able to use my computer. You'll probably have to wait. Not fun, I know, but space is big and collisions are rare, especially ones between dust bodies and real bodies, which is the only way your system is going to progress.

Honestly, dust is a horrible way of building a system "from scratch", because although they are computationally faster (they don't have to keep track of all the stats planets do) they are really bad for building systems, because they don't gravitationally attract whatsoever, so they don't effect each other's orbits at all. That means the only way they will be cleaned up is by real bodies, which you will have comparatively few of. This is good if you're looking to watch how planets clean up debris in a solar system, and how they create regions of less debris and how they leave some areas with debris, but for letting a system actually form, it's pretty bad, 1% of the population are doing 100% of the work. Imagine how atrociously badly human society would function if it worked that way.
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That is a time lapse bro. Around 30 minutes worth of filming. And I did add actual bodies there, but nothing happened lol. There were several moons orbiting a planet with a mass of 5.17 Jupiters
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