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Author Topic: Star Wars Rebels - Tidbits from the Finale (spoilers)  (Read 1115 times)


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Star Wars Rebels - Tidbits from the Finale (spoilers)
« on: March 06, 2018, 01:26:59 PM »
One last warning: SPOILERS.

1. We know that Ezra and Thrawn aren't dead. I've already heard the theory that Thrawn offers him a position in the Chiss Ascendancy, similar to what he did with Eli Vanto and tried to do with Cygni in the novel.

2. Rukh is almost certainly dead, so we know that Thrawn won't get assassinated by that particular Noghri like he was in Legends.

3. Gilad Pellaeon is confirmed canon. We hear Thrawn refer to a "Captain Pellaeon" and hear the character's voice (done by Jim Cummings) before being cut off. I doubt he's dead considering the fact that one of the Imperial officers says "our ships are just gone" and the fact that it would be sheer idiocy to make him canon only to kill him off in less than five seconds. I imagine the Purrgils simply shoved them out of the system.

4. Dreadnought-Class cruisers are now canon. We see at least two as part of the blockade over Lothal as the Ghost is sneaking past on the freighter.

5. Remember Bendu's quote to Thrawn? "I see your defeat, like many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace." That's literally what happened. The Purrgils wrapped their tentacles around him as they yanked the ISD Chimaera into hyperspace.

6. Looks like Kanan and Hera managed to have a last-minute child. The name is interesting. At first, I thought it was "Jason Syndulla," but according to other fans, the name is spelled "Jacen." This might simply be an easter egg or it could be the way they're trying to reintroduce Jacen Solo to canon, simply born to a different family... and with green hair...

7. With Sabine and Ahsoka on a new post-Endor mission to find Ezra, I imagine we might get some new lore following their journey. Heck, maybe the "Ezrabine" shippers will get their wish.

8. Ahsoka went all Gandalf-style with her outfit. To be honest, I think it makes her look silly.

9. Hera and Rex both took part in the Battle of Endor, so the theory that "Nik Sant" was actually Rex has pretty much been confirmed.
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