Universe Sandbox to exhibit at the WA Science Teacher Conference

We will be showing off Universe Sandbox 2 at the Washington State Science Teacher Conference on March 12-14, 2010.

I’m really excited about this opportunity.

This conference is organized by the WSTA (Washington Science Teacher Association).

The picture is of the AFSC booth at the WSTA 2007 conference.

This will be our first exhibition.

Caught the Reddit Wave

I’m a fan of a site called Reddit. It’s basically a social news / social bookmarking site. In one of the many subgroups someone asked about personal projects that people have worked on. I shared my work about Universe Sandbox and within a few hours I was voted the top comment (when sorted by best, the default method, out of hundreds of comments submitted).

I hope to be able to duplicated this flood once I release Universe Sandbox 2.

It’s going to be so much easier to use and learn.


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