Run Steam to download Update 25.2, or buy Universe Sandbox via our website or the Steam Store, where it’s 33% off until July 9th, 2020.

Update 25.2

Update 25.2 is a minor update that brings even more appearance options, this time to clouds, galaxies, and asteroids. We’ve also improved energy transfer calculations, laser settings, asteroid visuals, and provided various other bug fixes.

Most of the team has been hard at work on our upcoming major updates, but we didn’t want you to wait for these features and bug fixes. Keep an eye out for Update 26 (Coming Soon™) which will bring major improvements to our user interface and VR implementation.

Cloudy with a Chance of Purple

Change the color of clouds, galaxies, city lights, and asteroids. Toggle snow visuals on or off to help distinguish snow from sea ice. 

Asteroid Makeover

Asteroids received a complete visual overhaul and color correction.

Improved Energy Simulation

Energy Flow calculations now including lasers, explosions, and impacts. Learn more about Energy Flow from Home > Guides > Science > Energy and Heating in Depth.

Featured Fixes

  • Simulations with broken surface data can now be opened
  • City Lights no longer appearing incorrectly on some rocky objects
  • Black hole radius can now be manually changed as expected

Please report any issues on our Steam forum, on Discord, or in-game via Home > Send Feedback.

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