Universe Sandbox is now 33% off on Steam!

This is your last chance to get Universe Sandbox on sale before we raise the price on Tuesday, October 22 to USD $29.99 (localized prices will be raised accordingly). We’ll definitely be on sale again after we raise the price, but this will likely be the best deal for a while.

We announced our plans to raise the price earlier in the summer. This is slightly different than the original plan of raising it once we released Surface Grids & Lasers, but it still fits into the October timeline we mentioned. And while Surface Grids & Lasers aren’t available in any official releases yet, you can try them now in the experimental build!
What is Surface Grids?

It’s the next big, complex feature that is coming to Universe Sandbox. It simulates the surfaces of planets, moons, and other objects, adding much more detailed, dynamic, and accurate visuals.

And as a bonus, it makes it possible to add tools like lasers, which are essentially just a fun way of heating up localized areas of a surface.

Learn more about Surface Grids & Lasers in our latest DevLogs