Universe Sandbox set to Spanish. Interface enlarged to show text.
Universe Sandbox set to Spanish. Interface enlarged to show text.

We’d love your help translating Universe Sandbox into any languages you know!

All languages currently in Universe Sandbox (besides English) have been translated by Google Translate, which sometimes produces strange results. While we think this is an improvement over having no translations at all, we want to provide the most accurate translations possible so that users from all over the world can enjoy Universe Sandbox.

We may eventually have professional translations for some of the more widely-used languages, but we don’t want to stop there. We want to support any number of languages. And because Universe Sandbox is constantly growing and evolving, it’s important that we have help from others to build and maintain all of these translations. This is where you, the community, come in.


Translating Via Universe Sandbox

Right now, in-game translation is only available if you’ve opted into our latest Community Test build on Steam (learn more about how to opt-in). We are still working hard on the official release, which will hopefully be available soon!

To submit translations via Universe Sandbox:

  1. Click Home > Help Translate
  2. Click Translate (or press F2) in the bottom-right corner
  3. Click on any green text to open our translation site (Crowdin) in your browser
    • Some text, such as randomly generated names, cannot be translated 
  4. Login or create a Crowdin account then suggest a new/improved translation*
  5. To exit Translate Mode in Universe Sandbox, click Translate (or press F2) again
    • You can remove the Translate button entirely by turning off Help Translate in Home > Settings

*By default, you will submit a translation for whichever language is selected in Universe Sandbox. To change languages in Universe Sandbox, click Home > Settings > General > Selected Language. You can also change which language you’re suggesting a translation for in Crowdin by clicking the “Other Languages” tab below the translation input box.


Translating On Our Translation Site (Crowdin)

Crowdin is a system that helps manage translation projects by making it easy for anyone to submit new translations and vote on the best ones.

Even if you haven’t opted into the Community Test build, you can still head to our project on Crowdin and help with translating:
Universe Sandbox Translation Project on Crowdin

If you have opted into the Community Test build, you can still translate from Crowdin, if you prefer. While there may be text that only makes sense when viewed in its context in Universe Sandbox, there will also be moments when you want to suggest a bunch of translations and don’t need to go back into Universe Sandbox. Feel free to continue through the list of text in Crowdin and translate as much as you want!


Setting Universe Sandbox to Other Languages

Change languages in Universe Sandbox:
Home > Settings > General > Selected Language

Please note that you will not see suggested translations in Universe Sandbox immediately. Over time we will update existing languages with improved translations from the community. These will be included in our typical updates.

If you’d like to see a language included in Universe Sandbox that is not there already, please let us know! If approved, we will add requested languages to our Crowdin project (with Google Translations as the base) and then start accepting improved translations on Crowdin. Then in a future update we will add the language to Universe Sandbox to allow in-game translation.

Thanks for everyone’s help in making Universe Sandbox more accessible!