May 31: Update 20.7.2 is a small update with a few bug fixes, including fixes for issues with tutorials and the TRAPPIST-1 simulations.

Run Steam to download Update 20.7, or buy Universe Sandbox ² via our website or the Steam Store.

This update features improvements to orbits & motion:

  • Improved Support for Hyperbolic Trajectories
  • More Precise Control of Orbital Elements
  • Reorganized Motion Tab in Properties Panel

A hyperbolic trajectory is the path of an object that is affected by the gravity of a parent object, but not enough to be pulled into an orbit. Instead, it escapes the gravitational influence and continues toward infinity.  
Learn more about hyperbolic trajectories:

  • Home > Open > An Interstellar Object with a Hyperbolic Trajectory

There is also a new sim of Jupiter’s co-orbital retrograde asteroid 2015 BZ509:

  • Home > Open > Historical > Retrograde Asteroid 2015 BZ509

Update 20.7 also has many smaller improvements, including autosaves and a revamped What’s New panel, along with a bunch of bug fixes.

Note: the name of this update may be hyperbolic.