Universe Sandbox ² - Many Moons

Run Steam to update to Alpha 19, or buy Universe Sandbox ² via our website or the Steam Store.

Please note, this is an update for the desktop mode only. We will now be focusing on an Alpha 19 VR update. In the future, these two modes will be merged and won’t require separate updates.

In Alpha 19, simulations are more dynamic, realistic, and exciting. Why? 


1. Tidal Forces Now Tear Apart Planets

Alpha 19 Roche

When one body gets too close to another body of higher mass, tidal friction will begin to heat it up. And if it’s close enough, Roche limit fragmentation will tear it apart, leaving a trail of fragments. 

A major theory for the formation of Saturn’s rings is that the rings were once a moon orbiting Saturn, before its orbit took it within the Roche limit and it was torn apart.

Home → Open → Physics tab

Home → Tutorials → 11- Tidal Forces


2. Planets Are Now Vaporized by High Temperatures & Supernovae

Universe Sandbox ² - Supernova Mars

Whether by a supernova or extreme tidal heating, bodies now lose volatile material as their temperatures rise. The required temperature and type of volatile loss factors in the body’s material composition and mass. 

There are also new visuals for supernovae, and their appearance varies based on the type of the star.


3. Improved Performance, Appearance, & User Control for Particles & Fragments

Universe Sandbox ² - Alpha 19

A new performance budgeting system knows when to let particles and fragments stick around, and when to get rid of them to keep everything running smoothly and accurately. 

Particles and fragments are now much more varied in appearance, from hot to cold, rocky to gaseous. They can also now be individually- or group-selected, to easily watch, move, or delete them, or even convert them into bodies. 


4. Explosions Look More Epic & Cause “Shockwaves”

Universe Sandbox ² - Alpha 19 Explosion

Combined with the improvements made to the particle & fragment system, explosions look a whole lot better in Alpha 19.

Also, explosions now simulate an expanding bubble of exploded material, which can collide with other planets, heating and ripping them apart.

Home → Open → Explosions tab


5. You Can Record Animated GIFs

Easily & instantly create animated GIFs like the ones above of planetary movement & destruction.

Press F9 to Start/Stop Video Capture

Or click the Video button in the bottom right for Start/Stop Video Capture and Video Capture Settings. These settings can also be found through Home  Settings → Video.


6. “New” Labels, Stats, & Sorting Options for Sims

Universe Sandbox ² - New Sim Labels

All sims new to Alpha 19 have a “New” label which is replaced with a check mark once the sim has been opened.

You can hover over the sim tile to see sim stats, like when you last opened it, and you can now sort the sim list using the options next to the search bar.


7. New Object Models

Universe Sandbox ² - Alpha 19 New Models

We’ve improved the models for the Saturn V 3rd Stage rocket and New Horizons probe, and added The Great Pyramid of Giza and a new police box object.

Home → Open → Human Scale tab → Human Sized Objects

Add  → Objects tab


8. New Music

Two new, original tracks by our composer, Macoubre.


9. And Hundreds More Improvements & Bug Fixes

With nearly an 8-page list of new features, improvements, and fixes, this is our biggest update by far. We’re very excited with all of the changes and would love to hear what everyone thinks!

Check out the full list of new features, improvements, & bug fixes in What’s New.


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