Universe Sandbox ² - New Collisions Alpha 15

Universe Sandbox ² is now easier to use and explore, faster than ever before, and alive with the sound of music.

This is the biggest update yet for Universe Sandbox ².

Run Steam to update or buy Universe Sandbox ² now for instant access to Alpha 15.


Redesigned User Interface

Universe Sandbox ² - Alpha 15.1 UI

We redesigned the user interface for a cleaner, more intuitive experience. There’s a new layout, a whole new set of icons, cursors, and fonts, a brand new Home menu with generated thumbnails for previewing simulations, and a lot more. The interface is constantly being improved, but we’re very happy with the direction it is now heading. 

Improved Performance

Universe Sandbox ² - Saturn Neptune Alpha 15

We rewrote physics from the bottom-up for much better performance. Physics also now runs asynchronously from other components, which means that even if it is busy with a ton of calculations, the user interface and camera should still be completely responsive.

New Dynamic Soundtrack

Universe Sandbox ² - Soundtrack Alpha 15

Universe Sandbox ² now features a soundtrack which responds to actions and events in the simulation. Collide two planets and listen to the music swell. Music by Ryan Macoubrie.

And A Lot More


Alpha 15 took longer than we expected, but we think it’s well worth the wait. We’re excited to hear what you think:





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