In the next week or two we will release Alpha 12 of Universe Sandbox ².

Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  1. A whole lot more choreography
    • We now have around 200 presets for you to experiment with, including a bunch of 3D patterns.
  2. Improved supernovas
    • The supernova blast itself won’t look too different, but we’ve improved their interactions so they more accurately destroy the nearby planets and moons.
  3. Better visuals for bodies and particles
    • We’ve improved the consistency between materials and visual representations – for example, you’ll no longer see fragments of hydrogen that look like chunks of rock.
  4. Random solar system tool
    • You can now generate an entire solar system based on a set of customizable parameters, such as the number of gas giants and moons, and the distances between the bodies.  See the screenshot below for a peek at this new tool.




As always, we will post an announcement on the forum when Alpha 12 is available: Universe Sandbox ² Alpha Discussion. Steam will automatically download the update.

If you do not already own Universe Sandbox ², you can buy it now to get instant access to the alpha and receive free updates up to and including the final release: Buy Universe Sandbox ².