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What have we done recently and what are we doing now?

Good question.  We’ve been very busy…

  • Working with our newest team member, Chad Jenkins
  • Building a brand new website and logo for Universe Sandbox ²
  • Overhauling the new Collision system
    • better physics+ better visuals = even more realistic and mesmerizing collisions
  • Integrating the new Materials system
    • view and change the material composition of any planet or star
  • Developing an Interactions mode and toolset
    • an even easier, more intuitive (and more fun) method for manipulating properties and values
    • push/pull force power, material hose/stream cannon  for adding material to planets
  • Integrating climate support for a tidally-locked Earth

Rest assured, there will be much more to say, and much more to see, on each of these points soon enough.  Until then, here’s another screenshot from our collision tests:

The Moon Meets Earth

The Moon Meets Earth