We’ve been hard at work over the last year building a new Universe Sandbox from the ground up. And since we’re improving everything we want to extend that to the UI design and branding.

We’re seeking one (possibly two) talented graphic designer(s) for the following contract work:


User Interface Design

Design the way the buttons, panels, checkboxes, options, controls, typography, selection indicators, and icons work together aesthetically. We’d love your help in figuring out how the interface will work as well as how it will look. Universe Sandbox has a very complex interface and we want something that’s clean, modern, minimalist,  and unobtrusive.

Here’s are screenshots of the current version with the existing UI…

And a work-in-progress screenshot of the sequel:


Again, the screenshot is very much a work in progress… Just imagine how awesome the above screenshot could look after we integrate your user interface design.

To be clear… we’re looking for a designer and not expecting you to do any of the integration, programming, or scripting (and our user interface system is inextricably tied to the source code for the project).


New Logo

Design a new logo for the rebranding of Universe Sandbox. We’re pretty happy with the current logo and typography, but want something even better for the new version of Universe Sandbox. Here’s the current logo:


We’re open to something that’s just a re-imagining or something completely new… either way we want a logo that’s clean, elegant, and awesome. It should work on both black and white backgrounds…  and the logo should work well both as a standalone icon and with the full typography.


Company Overview

Giant Army is the company behind Universe Sandbox, a space simulator that’s sold hundreds of thousands of copies on Steam. We’re based in Seattle, Washington, USA, but the team has members in Germany and Denmark.


Product Overview

Universe Sandbox is our core product that lets the user explore and learn about our amazing universe while creating and destroying on a scale they’ve never before imagined. It’s more than a game, it’s a way of experiencing and learning about reality in a way that’s never been done before. The new version will be available for Windows, Mac, and probably Linux.



We’re a remote team so it doesn’t matter where you live.

And while this is a contract position for a specific task… we’d love to establish a relationship with a talented artist or two as there are many future projects we have in mind (like more logos, business cards, a new website, signage for conferences, perpetual UI enhancements, and other awesome stuff).

Please email us at:
jobs at universesandbox.com

In the email please include a:

  • Relevant email subject
  • Link to relevant samples of your work (kinda the most important part)
  • Short answer to this question: Why are you interested in working on this project?
  • Link to where you first heard about this job posting.

If you have questions you’d like to ask before applying… feel free to ask at the email address above, on the official forums, the Steam forums, or on Facebook.

We want to take our time and find someone who’s excited about helping contribute to great software that will reach a huge number of people (and who won’t mind being paid for their efforts).