The new website for Universe Sandbox is now live.

Compare screenshots of the old site (left) and new site (right):

Click on the image to zoom.

Details of the website transformation:

  • Simplified the overall look. Moved to a white page (vs black).
  • Consolidated the FAQs into a single page.
  • Added new screenshots of the version 2 interface.
  • Site now folder based (no file extensions like htm, html, or php)
  • New header and background for both the forum and blog.
  • Revised Install button and added it to the blog and forum headers.
  • Set width of blog to 960px (like both the forum and the main site)
  • Fixed forum main page title (was ‘Universe Sandbox – index’, now ‘Universe Sandbox | forum’)
  • Fixed problem with icons never appearing for forum actions, like ‘New Post’.
  • Updated favicon for the site.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I value feedback.